Dating in neurosurgery

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Dating in neurosurgery

Recognizing Differences Not only are no two cases alike, but no two surgeons are alike either.

As a result, fairly similar procedures could be conducted using different techniques depending on the surgeon taking the lead. Thorell puts it, every surgeon has his or her idiosyncrasies.

In 2008, Larson, Starr, and Martin partnered with the medical device company Surgi Vision to develop new technologies for the i MRI DBS technique.

This includes an MRI-compatible, skull-mounted aiming device and MR coils specifically designed to provide optimal imaging during surgery.

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been used for over a decade to treat movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and dystonia.

It has become the gold standard for surgical care of these diseases; over 40,000 patients have had DBS devices implanted worldwide.

There is no need for a stereotactic frame and no need for the patients to be awake and off of their Parkinson’s medications, so patients tolerate the procedure well.

The procedure time is half that of traditional MER guided implantation, and since MER is not necessary there is only one brain penetration needed in the vast majority of cases.

i MRI DBS has several distinct advantages over traditional implantation methods.

Thorell, I assumed he would talk to me about the different techniques that surgical technologists use to succeed or how they must keep up to date with changes in the industry and advances in instrumentation. Thorell acknowledged that such subjects are certainly important, he stressed that things like knowing the instruments are really only the beginning of a surgical technologist’s education.

The best surg techs let their technical expertise act as a baseline for their skills in the surgical theatre.

In traditional DBS surgery, MER is used to map the STN and locate the center of its motor region, the area which has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms when stimulated.

With i MRI, the surgeons can see this region directly and can place the DBS electrode without the need for MER.

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Interventional MRI (or i MRI) allows surgeons to take advantage of MR imaging in real time by performing procedures inside the scanner itself.

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